The Almond Creamery

The Almond Creamery


We make milk. But not just any milk. We specialise in the cream of the earth’s crop – nutritious dairy-free milk made with a delicious blend of *almond and macadamia nuts.

Our mission is to inspire and support your healthy lifestyle, and we do this with great-tasting, natural, no-fuss, dairy alternatives produced with the best local ingredients.

As a passionate young nutritionist, the founder of Almond Creamery realised that what we put into our bodies is as important as the effect we have on the environment. And this impact is directly related to the foods that we eat and how we feel each day. That’s why we’re offering a product that is both good for you and environmentally-conscious, just as nature intended.

No artificial anything!
Locally sourced ingredients
Environmental sustainability
A great-tasting dairy free alternative



We cream the very best of nature’s nourishment to create a nut milk blend for you to thrive on. With every new day, we ensure that our nut milk is made with only the purest and healthiest ingredients available.

By soaking, blending and straining raw almonds and macadamia nuts we produce a silky smooth nut milk blend that is as creamy as it is natural.

Our nut milk is proudly South African and are made by the best local almonds we can find! They are raw and as natural as can be – straight from the farm to your fridge for a wholesome and nourishing experience.

Our selection of basic raw ingredients include:

Raw Almonds & Macadamia Nuts, Raw Cacao, Cinnamon & Other Natural Spices, Arabica Coffee Beans, Pure Vanilla Extract and Dates


Natural Flavours

We use the most natural ingredients to flavour our nut milk including cinnamon, cacao, coffee beans, dates, Himalayan salt and pure vanilla extract.

Vitamins & Nutrients

Naturally full of goodness, Almonds provide a rich source of nutrients essential for optimal health including Vitamins E, B2 and biotin plus minerals like Potassium, Calcium, and Magnesium.

Dairy, Lactose & Casein Free

This dairy-free alternative is perfect for those who are lactose intolerant or avoiding dairy for other health-related concerns. We leave cow’s milk for the calves to enjoy!

Low in Carbs

Nuts are naturally low in sugars, and our nut milk is naturally sweetened only with dates or xylitol. Have a look at our product list below for specific ingredients.


Nut milk is a creamy vegan alternative to cow’s milk as it contains only plant-based products.


Nut milk doesn’t contain any hormones or antibiotics, which are important to avoid if you have an auto-immune disease, gut-related problems or suffer from hormone imbalances.

Brain Food

Containing plenty of brain-nourishing Omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants, nut milk is perfect to keep you and your family nourished and alert for work, school and play.

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