Cook-Offs and Competitions


The Spekko Celebrity Chefs cook-off Food Editors edition took place in July 2015. It was an incredible day filled will familiar supporters in the industry and of course delicious smells wafting through the Saturday morning Palms Market in Woodstock.

We had 2 hours to cook a dish of our choice featuring one type of Spekko’s rice.

A lot of planning went into my dish and I eventually came up with an all rice taco with southern fried chicken, spicy coleslaw, chipotle mayo and homemade guacamole and it was a winner. I walked away with the title and achievement of over coming my fear of cooking in public. Being a food stylist I am the face behind the pictures. When you walk into Checkers or see the Shoprites Easter videos you will see my work, not me cooking.

I enjoyed itΒ so much! Thank you Spekko and Isabella Neihaus for hosting an incredibly day!