Janet Ceramics

Janet Ceramics

Janet is the woman behind this incredible brand. She exudes a healthy lifestyle, a fun personality and a holistic approach to living in this ever changing world. She is the brains behind her incredible brand of ceramics.

Each piece has a unique story behind it and what inspired her to create it and add it to the collect. Whether it is her gorgeous dog Louis, her experiences traveling or simply a feeling which translates into a shape…she is the master mind behind these ceramics that each house should come equipped with.

heart shaped, cermaic, janet, eat with me
Heart Shaped Dish

I will be cooking a few recipes and plating them on each of her ceramics to show you new ways of cooking or presenting food in her creations.

Please visit her website if you would like to browse her online shop and order directly: http://www.janetlightbody.com

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