About Me

Behind the scenes of a Selati Segment on Afternoon Express
Behind the scenes of a Selati Segment on Afternoon Express


Born and bred in beautiful Cape Town

Traveled and eaten my way around the world with my family

Studied Hospitality Management where I quickly discovered that my love for food was definitely in the blank canvas that you could create on a plate.

Introducing Food Styling…

At 25 years old, I have been a Cape Town based Food Stylist for almost 2 years and been lucky enough to style and recipe develop for some of the best names in Food Media both digital and print, various Restaurants and South Africa’s biggest food stores. Today I am both a Food Stylist and blogger and this has opened up the world of food to me in so many ways. Understanding food and all its fascists when eating out allows me to immerse myself in the each project I undertake. Food is not just what we need in order to survive rather something that brings us together because it is universally recognized.

Please click on my portfolio tab in the menu bar to see my clients as well as my photographs and projects I have been involved in.

Join me on this exciting journey and take a seat at my table.


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Food Styling for Las Paletas Artisian Lollies