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Desserts, Entertaining

Fig Semifreddo

Figs…that is basically the end of that sentence…they sum themselves up I think. Cape Town has been inundated with the gorgeous smell of this amazing fruit in season right now. They are green, they are deep purple they are speckled…they are beautiful! I found myself buying a punnet just because […]

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Desserts, Entertaining

Sugar Doughnuts

Doughnuts are definitely one of those indulgent desserts that leave you feeling comforted. Warm doughnuts are the perfect blank canvas for a myriad of toppings. From cinnamon sugar to coconut the possibilities are endless. Here is my sugar drizzle recipe…Happy eating!

carrot and date balls snacks eat with me
Desserts, Snacks

Carrot and Date Balls

I am definitely a grazer and absolutely love a snack or two. So when it’s healthy it is definitely even better. These are a fast snack and they keepย really wellย for those moments when you stand in front of the fridge waiting for something to possibly jump out at you.   […]

Almond and Apricot Bars
Breakfast, Desserts

Almond and Apricot Bars

Another fun day in studio…These delicious Almond and apricot bars are definitely a must try!!! The perfect sweet treat to start the morning or each as a mid day pick me up snack. Wild Organics sent me a box of deliciously ripe Apricots, what better that to make a breakfast […]