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Most people are counting down to the weekend on a Friday morning, I spent mine at Babylonstoren and was instantly transported to a world of relaxation and tranquillity.

Babylonstoren needs no introduction, if you haven’t been…you need to! Its an incredibly inspirational “farm” and often a place I like to drive out to spend the day just wondering around and getting lost in the gardens. Only 45 minutes out of Cape Town CBD this is the perfect get away for everyone to experience.

We were treated to a 60 minute couples massage that started by us selecting the herb/flower that promoted the relaxation properties that we wanted in our foot soak. I chose lavender and after a busy week at work, it all seemed to dissipate into a memory with the smell of the lavender and bubbles.

Lemon balm oil was placed under our noses which seemed to instantly relax my body…a sort of out of body experience if you will. The next 60 minutes was a blur to me, “uhm’ing” and “arr’ing” with every massaging stoke.

After what felt like I had awoken from a lavender infused coma, we made our way to the hot pools and sauna where we spent the time relaxing and enjoying the hot pools. The steps into the pool allow you to sit and relax in front of multiple jets of pulsating water aimed at all the stress points on the body, it was incredible!

For an incredible 60 minute Duo Massage, this is definitely the perfect way to distress and relax with you partner.

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